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The purpose of Force Perma Super is to honorably serve the needs of the community by providing products of superior quality at a fair price to our customers. We produce a wide range of  industrial lubricants for varied applications and industries. Our aim is to be a leading lubricating oil company in Indonesia and internationally. Force Perma Super has state of the art technology for blending excellent quality of oil. Being a progressive company we are constantly involved in R&D and searching for new and better ways to use our human, technological and financial resources to improve the quality of our product.

The company concern for survival is to serve the need for lubricants at a fair profit by producing it in away that benefits our customers, employees and our society. The philosophy of company is to provide its valued customers with quality product and after sales services 3nd also believes that customer is always right. Company produces lubricants, which conform to the international specifications and standards to assure the consumers that they can use our lubricants with confidence. The company feels an obligation to be a good corporate citizen wherever it operates. The employees of Force Perma Super are qualified, motivated professionals and company holds its employees as its greatest assets.

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